Client Testimonials

“I can’t begin to describe how grateful my family and I are that we were referred to Brian Manchester. My son was charged with arson and other felonies along with various misdemeanors. From the very start Mr. Manchester gave us expert legal advice in a supportive and compassionate manner. When my son was arrested my wife and I were hours away. I called Mr. Manchester early on a Saturday morning in a state of panic. Despite having had recent surgery himself he went directly to see my son. I will always remember his concern and sensitivity. He said that he would go to him ASAP to comfort him and let him know that he is not alone. When my son was released a few hours later Mr. Manchester was waiting for us to initiate his defense and reduce our anxiety. Between then and the resolution of the case, he was there for us every step of the way. The case is now settled with all felonies dropped and only probation to serve. I highly praise and recommend Mr. Manchester as he provides exactly what his business card proclaims “Aggressive Criminal Defense”.”


“I have acquired Mr. Manchester’s services numerous times over a course of 8 years. During this time Mr. Manchester has been very professional and helpful with everything i have acquired his services for. He is very dedicated to his work and prompts to answer any questions. I would recommend Mr. Manchester to anyone seeking assistance in any legal matter.”

Kristie S.

“Brian is truly dedicated to his clients he is very confident, intelligent, & compassionate! He was always there for us when we needed him. He was a god sent to us! I pray the lord blesses him as much as he has blessed us with him! I would highly recommend him, he is worth it!”


“I had retained Mr. Manchester years ago for not one but two criminal cases. he was AMAZING!! Fast forward to present day I needed his assistance for something minor but major to me, and he was immediately in lawyer mode, got the answers I needed, and the results I expected!”

Ellie T.

“Brian Manchester is without a doubt the Lawyer you need to have your back when it comes to Criminal Law. He’s highly intelligent well spoken and goes above and beyond for his clients. We had a difficult case and no matter what was tossed our way he always took his time to explain everything and went out of his way to contact me with updates or answer questions no matter what day or time. This is a busy man here but he always found the time to make sure I understood everything going. Our case was a rough one on all involved but I know without a doubt my husband would have probably received a much longer sentence if he hadn’t had Brian handling this case. I can’t thank him enough for the personal time and effort he put into this case or how understanding he was. If you find yourself in trouble this is the man to call. I’d honestly trust no one else to help you navigate what is easily the scariest and hardest time in one’s life. To say he knows his stuff is an understatement he was able to explain things to me and help me understand things I don’t think anyone else could have. If you find yourself or a loved one in trouble call him, you won’t regret it.”


“Brian Manchester, Esq., is simply the best! He is an excellent attorney and a warm and intelligent man. Brian explains the law AND the science to his clients listens to all of their concerns and answers questions in a clear and comprehensive manner. My husband was in a horrific car accident in July 2017, when he lost consciousness and ran into another car and then into a telephone pole. The accident left him permanently disabled, with a broken neck and brain trauma. We believe he suffered a series of mini-strokes while driving, which had happened on at least one prior occasion. However, since my husband was taking legally-prescribed pain medication at the time, those medications showed up in his blood test following the wreck. As such, he was charged with a drug-related DUI and various other traffic offenses. Instead of assuming, like the District Attorney did, that my husband was incapacitated, Brian Manchester listened to the complete story of what happened. We were able to explain to him that this was a health problem, not a driving-under-the-influence problem. Brian took the time to examine the blood results and then explained them to us. He showed us two things: first, that the level of pain medication in my husband’s system was on the lower end of the spectrum, and second, that one of the charges filed against my husband was premised upon a blood metabolite that is not even illegal to have in your system in Pennsylvania. Brian then filed motions with the Court to suppress my husband’s blood test results. Since the accident left my husband with multiple physical and mental problems, keeping him out of the prison system was the most important aspect of the entire process for us. We explained to Brian that our biggest concern was that my husband’s health was too precarious to withstand incarceration. Due to Brian Manchester’s outstanding scientific knowledge and the respect he has earned from years of experience dealing with the Centre County District Attorney’s Office, Brian was able to negotiate a plea deal to a lesser charge that would keep my husband out of jail. We feel so blessed to have had an attorney like Brian Manchester, who actually listened to “our side of the story” and could explain the science behind the blood test results to us in terms that anyone could understand. He also made certain to discuss our thoughts and concerns before talking to the District Attorney so that he knew exactly what goals to work towards in plea negotiations. I would recommend Brian Manchester to anybody who needs a great attorney!”


“Back on 3/3/2016. Our son was pulled over coming home from college for speeding then also a know substance (marijuana). So needless to say he was charged with 4 different offenses. #1 charge DUI or Controlled Substance. He was looking at serious time in jail. This would have been his second DUI. First one was straight alcohol.

So we found BRIAN MANCHESTER:) Heaven sent! He spoke to our son and took the case. Needless to say our son went and received the help he needed and BRIAN won our son case for us. He had no jail time. He did receive probation, but hey I can handle that.

Once again money well spent.

Recommend highly.



“I am beyond pleased with how Brian handled my son’s situation and strongly recommend his services. He was extremely knowledgeable. Quick to respond and explain options in guiding us through the process. He treated us with respect and importance. I would highly recommend Brian and his staff.”


“Brian did an amazing job in clearing up Sexual Assault allegations made against me, he explored every avenue possible. Very attentive to my concerns and was never to busy to return a call or explain the process, he had conversations with the State Trooper involved or the DA, I was informed throughout. Brian gave my hope in knowing I had done all I could do in clearing my name of these potential life changing false allegations. Charges have been dropped, I have now been able to return back to work. Brian has given me my life back.”


“I hired Brian to represent my nephew on a murder charge. My nephew was facing life in prison along with two other people. Things didn’t look good for my nephew. But by the grace of God our attorney worked with the da office to allow my nephew to have a second chance at life. Brian Manchester was upfront and honest about my nephew situation. I didn’t know a lot about the law I just had faith and trust in God but also with my attorney Manchester. Brian turned things around in our life as far as my nephew chargers that we have hope for tomorrow. Without him, my nephew could have been a victim of this corrupted system. I say these things about Brian because I want the world to know how great of a person, grateful attorney and friend he became to our family. My nephew was saved from a life sentence grateful for all the hard work Brian put in to make sure my nephew didn’t spend the rest of his life in prison.”

A Client

“Brian Manchester is definitely one of the best in the business. He was able to take off attempted murder and arson charges and a possible prison sentence of 33 years down to 2 years of probation. From the start thru the end, he made us feel like we were in good hands. And we definitely were! Mister Amazing Brian Manchester Thank you so much! If I or anyone I know ever need a lawyer you are the only one to call! Million of thanks, Mister genius! We will miss your attitude and you!”


“Brian is an excellent choice for a DUI lawyer. I have a CDL and Brian saved my license and my career I would recommend him to everyone who has DUI problems in PA. Thank you, Brian job well done!”

Chris G.

“I hired Brian when I received my DUI. It was my first one and I was scared. He was very helpful right from the beginning. He charged me a one time fee. Throughout the process, he was right there with me and answered my questions in a timely fashion. He made sure that I understood everything that was going on. I was especially nervous because losing my license would likely effect my job. My BAC level was a high rate and after everything I heard and read online, I knew that I was likely going to lose my license for at least 30 days with being accepted into the ARD program. It turned out that Brian was able to talk the DA into letting me keep my license! I couldn’t believe it. Brian helped me by making the whole process go smoothly for me and most likely saved me from losing my job because I was able to keep my license. I have heard people say before that it isn’t worth the money to hire a lawyer just for your first DUI because most people just get accepted into the ARD program anyway. In my case, I am glad that I hired Brian because otherwise I would currently be without a license and trying to figure out a way to keep my job. So it was definitely worth it!”

A Client

“From the beginning, Brian was very enthusiastic about my case. When I first contacted him, he gave me a background about himself that provided me confidence before I hired him. I wasn’t able to pay the retainer upfront and he was willing to work out a payment plan. Once I hired him he was in contact with myself getting my side of the story and then contacted the district attorney to receive a copy of my motor vehicle report; which included my traffic stop video. He took the time to research my case and found out that the wrong form for my warnings was signed; allowing him to have my blood results for my BAC be removed from evidence. At that point, he suggested taking the case to the judge trial and not to accept the ARD program. He explained that even accepting the ARD program I would still raise my insurance and I would still pay the same if I was convicted of a DUI. I choose to take the case to trial. While at trial he was very informative of what was being sided if I didn’t understand something, he would explain what it meant. When it came to the Trooper testifying based on my traffic stop video, Brian was able to point out that several of the “clues” the trooper used to have me arrested for DUI were not valid based on the training and manuals that the Trooper had training on. Brian had also gone through the same training the Trooper had on issuing a field sobriety test, so he was knowledgeable omg knowing that the clues. He was able to argue that there needed to be 2 clues from the Heal to Toe test and 2 clues from the One Leg Stand test – Brian was able to prove that I only showed 1 clue for each test instead of 2. After each side was finished the judge returned and found me not guilty to my DUI. Brian told me later that he would file the necessary paperwork to have the arrest removed from my record.

Brian was very informative throughout the whole process. I hope to never have to use home again but if myself, friend or family member gets into trouble with a DUI he will be the first one I contact.”

A Client

“I was facing numerous legal allegations and after dealing with three other lawyers that were not meeting my expectations I reached out to Brian Manchester. We sat down and he was very ambitious and eager to help. I had two separate cases, one of which I was facing a couple years and we took to trial and I was found not guilty thanks to Brian. The second one he fought for the best deal possible for me and again I was facing a couple years on that as well. after some tough negotiations with the d/a and other things that Mr. Manchester recommended I do while awaiting sentencing, I ended up getting off with probation.

I would say my money was well spent and I am extremely satisfied with the results! Thanks again Brian!”


“I had a series of 4 DUIs in a 2 year period. When I got the last one, while on probation AND driving with a DUI suspended the license, I thought I was going to jail for a long, long time. Mr. Manchester fought hard for over a year litigating everything he could. After efforts to have the blood thrown out of the case, and after threatening to go to trial equipped with testimony from a highly qualified scientist, the court settled for me to do 3 weekends in jail. Now I’m sober for 18 months. Thanks, Mr. Manchester!”

A Client

“Brian was not only helpful but was passionate, diligent, and provided me with a very favorable outcome and was always able to be reached. Wonderful attorney and I highly recommend for anyone who is in need of legal assistance. Thank you Brian”


“After the bad decision, I made the best decision. I hired Mr. Manchester and after the first time we talked, I knew I found the right lawyer. He made everything very simple and was always prepared for any question I had. Best of all…. Brian won my case. Couldn’t ask for a better person to be my lawyer!”


“I hired Brian Manchester and associates to represent me in a 2nd DUI charge in the state of PA. If found guilty, I would have faced a MINIMUM of 30 days in prison and 1-year license suspension, along with probation, an ignition interlock device, and up to $5k in fines.

After nearly a year of fighting this case, breaking down the prosecution, and representing me in court (all for a single flat fee) Brian was able to negotiate a plea deal with the DA. I was not charged with a DUI, and I was only sentenced to some probation and a few hundred dollars in fines.

If you’re searching for a DUI lawyer in central Pennsylvania, look no further.”


“I hired Brian Manchester to represent me in a vehicle homicide case. Prior to the charges being filed Attorney Manchester was in contact with the police and the DA so that I could turn myself in and not have a monetary bail placed on me. Attorney Manchester then went to my preliminary hearing and the vehicular homicide charge was dropped. Attorney Manchester pointed out at the hearing that this was a tragic accident and not a crime. I only pled guilty to a simple traffic offense.”

A Client

“Mr. Brian Manchester is an excellent criminal defense lawyer. He was my lawyer in a recent DUI case. Brian not only represented me, he was able to get all charges dropped. With his profound knowledge of the law, vast experience, and promptness in answering all of my tedious questions, I would highly recommend Brian for a criminal defense lawyer.”


“When facing a DUI in PA you will definitely want Brian Manchester in your corner to fight for you. As a commercial driver facing losing my CDL possibly for life he was able to significantly get my charges reduced. When you want the best considered Manchester and Associates.”


“Finding myself arrested in Pennsylvania was no joke. Fortunately, Brian was at hand. I found him quick to respond and answer all my questions. He communicated well with me, my regular lawyer back in Colorado, and my spouse. He and his assistant quickly got me out of a jam and back on the road. I would highly recommend this attorney.”


“When I contacted Manchester and Associates about my son’s case Attorney Bruce Manchester answered the phone. We spent a lot of time on the phone together that day. Because I was very concerned for my son and I had a lot of questions. Bruce was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. We talked until Bruce was sure I understood everything that was happening in my son’s case. On top of feeling very secure and confident with Bruce, we were about to reach an outcome in the case that allowed my son to stay in school and continue on his career path. I am so thankful for Manchester and Associates and Bruce Manchester.”


“Brian Manchester is an incredible Lawyer, not only is he your Lawyer fighting for you in court but is not afraid to answer the phone when you call with a question when it comes to the courtroom I couldn’t imagine having another lawyer. I am amazed by his aggressive way and knowledge of criminal law and is very comfortable in the courtroom. Thank you so much, Manchester law firm and Brian. YOU ARE THE BEST!”


“Mr. Manchester addressed my legal concerns and represented me and my case with confidence. I would recommend Mr. Manchester for related cases in the future.”


“When in doubt call lawyer, definitely call Brian Manchester. I was scared and didn’t know what to do and I had several lawyers before him just take money from me. I went out of my way to travel to him because he instilled confidence in me from the get-go. He made sure all my charges were dismissed and it was the best money I ever spent I tell everybody about Brian Manchester.”


“A very respectable and very intelligent man who definitely knows the law and regulations therein. Had all the questions that made the officer look like he didn’t properly do his job because he didn’t know the proper procedures and steps he had to make it a legal arrest. We now know the officer lied and the judge actually withheld testimony that could have helped me! He also made an assumption without evidence of my admitting being at a bar but his assumption even after no proof of possession or the officer even seeing the keys let alone me driving found me guilty and we are in process of an appeal and I will do this again then! He didn’t lose this the assumption without proof did! I will definitely use him if needed again”


“Great job Brian walked me through every step of the way and was very helpful even after the case was over already recommended him to people”


“Brian has ended this chapter for me in my life with a positive outcome. He is the reason why I am not behind bars today for my 2nd DUI. Brian understands the law and every corner of it, don’t just trust any lawyer for the sake of representation, go with the best, go with Brian!”


“Mr. Manchester has provided us with a sense of relief. He kept us well informed throughout the process and has been very straight forward with us throughout the process. He has kept my son out of jail and was able to acquire in home detention instead. We are very grateful and would never hesitate to call him again. Hopefully, there won’t be another occurrence.”

Alfred & Aliette

“I had been arrested and charged with a 2nd offense DUI in Pennsylvania in October of 2014. After careful deliberation, I decided to hire Mr. Manchester as my legal counsel. He reviewed my case and determined that there were several weaknesses in the case against me and filed for a suppression hearing which was scheduled for August 14, 2015. At the suppression hearing, Mr. Manchester brought the problems with the DA’s case against me to the DA’s attention and hashed out with the DA a plea that would satisfy all parties concerned. The result was that I would plead guilty to a careless driving & backing improperly charge (traffic tickets) as well as pay for the blood test that the officer had taken. Considering what I was facing I gladly accepted the terms of the plea bargain. Kudos to Mr. Manchester, he performed in an exemplary manner as well as most professionally. I would highly recommend Manchester & Associates for any legal problems revolving around criminal charges. He’s one magnificent piece of work…THANKS BRIAN!”

A DUI Client

“I hired Manchester and Associates to represent me on my second DUI arrest. Mr. Manchester’s associate Greg Davidson attended the preliminary hearing and pointed out to the DA that the stop was illegal. The DA withdrew the DUI charges.”


“I ran into a great deal of trouble up in Huntingdon County. He helped me get a plea bargain that avoided my having to register as a sex offender and I am additionally able to keep my job while avoiding a jail sentence. He is honest, supportive and very knowledgeable. He has also been a voice of reason and support throughout what has been probably the most difficult situation in my life. I owe him a great debt of gratitude. To anyone who has gotten into a great deal of trouble, I would recommend his services as his services are definitely worth the time and money. With the plea bargain that I have attained, I now have the best chances of restoring myself to being a constructive law abiding citizen who had no intention of becoming a harm to society, yet shall faithfully accept the much lesser penalties that I have still earned. My gratitude to Brian Manchester and all of the staff at Manchester and Associates, Ltd.”

A Criminal Defense Client

“My husband died in a car accident. DUI was assumed from the very beginning. With Attorney Manchester’s expertise in the DUI field and BAC testing, he was able to help prove to the insurance company that my husband was not driving under the influence and died as a result of the injuries he sustained in an unfortunate accident. The company chose to settle the claim immediately all because of Attorney Manchester’s experience and knowledge of BAC and DUI cases. He was very respectful of my situation and kept me updated with each step. He also went out of his way to meet with me outside of “regular” office hours due to my work schedule. All telephone messages were promptly returned, and all my questions were answered so I was able to understand “legal” terms. I am grateful to Attorney Manchester for assisting me in proving that my husband did not die as another statistic based on assumptions.”


“I received a DWI in PA …. and I am from out of state … not knowing what to do .. or where to go … I spoke with and had hired another attorney that I had found in the yellow pages …. then we found Brian Manchester and knew right away that I wanted him to represent me…. so we canceled the other attorney and hired Brian Manchester…. SO Very Glad that I did … Never once did he say he could beat it … but he did think that he had a chance … With his knowledge, we were able to BEAT IT ….. I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for everything that he did … I was looking at jail time and also going to have my driving rights taken away from me, plus fines and classes and community service…. none of that happened … THANK YOU VERY MUCH … I would highly recommend Brian Manchester … if ever in need of a GREAT DWI Attorney he’s your man”


“Brian Manchester is very knowledgeable regarding DUI/DWI cases. His dedication to making sure his client’s needs are taken care of is refreshing. Brian definitely has the ability defend the client who is accused of driving under the influence. I will recommend Brian to everyone I know!”


“Brian is an excellent lawyer. He was able to have my 3rd offense DWI reduced to a 1st offense.

I was facing up to 6 months in jail and he was able to negotiate 5 days. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a qualified DWI/DUI attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable and very professional.”

A DUI Client

“When I first met with Brian Manchester, he took the time to sit down and review my case with me. Brian outlined points in my case which he found particularly interesting. He explained to me why he was such an asset to have in my corner, that he was familiar with the relevant science, felt passionate to see everyone is afforded a strong defense and assured me that he would go to battle for me.

Everything Brian said to me at this initial meeting, came to fruition before my case was ultimately dismissed. The points he found interesting, he turned into issues in the case. The science he explained he was familiar with, became successful arguments for evidentiary exclusion. His passion to make sure I was afforded the best representation available became reality. There were many times during the course of my litigation where I was worried and stressed. Brian was able to keep me focused and was a source of direction and inspiration during the process.

At no times was I promised or guaranteed anything. Brian did not fill me with unrealistic expectations. Rather he simply articulated the points he thought could be most beneficial to us, then through the filing of motions, turned those points into the keystones of my defense.

I would recommend Brian Manchester to anyone facing criminal charges. If you were like me, with much to lose, then you need the best in your corner. Brian is a master of his craft. He is a true professional. I intend to never be in such a terrifying position again, but if I am, Brian Manchester will be the first person I call.”


“Mr. Manchester was able to get my license suspension reduced from 60 days to 30. I would recommend them to any of my friends/family.”

A DUI Client

“Brain was very knowledgeable with the DUI case. He knew the background of the hospital that the blood test was given. Brian also knows the laws that have to do with the Field Sobriety Test. He also knew laws that the police officers on my case didn’t know.”

A DUI Client

“Mr. Manchester knows his DUI Defense. I got myself a 2nd DUI offense with a BAC of .026. I was looking at 6 months to 2 years in jail. I was sentenced yesterday to 3 months with a court ordered furlough (Monday-Saturday) in order to maintain my employment! Thanks Brian!!”


“Brian is very knowledgeable and aggressive attorney, especially with DUI cases. He has assisted me with very complex legal arguments and he is very persuasive.”


“Brian made me feel better about my situation the first time I spoke with him. He was VERY knowledgeable. And it was that knowledge that got my case dismissed. He didn’t just take my money and send me through the judicial motions. He worked for me and my best interests.”


“My pos. of marijuana paraphernalia charge that I was wrongfully given was dropped after my first visit to court. I had to wait a few months just because the district attorney was procrastinating with dropping the case although. Either way, Brian is a good attorney and did an excellent job fighting my case and helping me out in the long run.”

A Client

“I was pulled over and charged with a DUI at the highest level and knew I would need to hire a good attorney to help with my case. I called and spoke to a whole list of attorneys and Mr. Manchester was the only one who stood out above the rest.

Mr. Manchester is one of the top trained DUI attorneys in the state, blew me away with all his profound knowledge, explaining all the Scientific in detail beyond what I could perceive. In the courtroom, his knowledge overpowered the entire court, even far beyond the expert witness. My highlight of the trail was when Brian degraded the arresting officer by having a greater knowledge and understanding of his job and duties than the officer himself.

Brian Manchester is an aggressive attorney who is very thorough and will do everything in his ability to win your case. Thanks Brian for everything you have done for me, I appreciate it!”


“I work as a consultant to lawyers throughout the United States providing them with information concerning drug testing in their clients and behavioral effects which the drugs found may or may not have in the case at hand. This provides me with a perspective usually not seen by the person who hires the lawyer to defend them. Most lawyers I work with are competent with matters of the law but many have not educated themselves with the scientific and medical principles required to mount the best possible defense in a given case that involves complex scientific concepts. Mr. Manchester has sought out and obtained additional training in the scientific and medical principles required in effective DUI defense so that he can provide that extra bonus to his clients. In consults I have had with him, I have observed a hard-working, if not compulsive, a lawyer who strives to make certain that no stone has been left unturned to aid his client.”

A DUI Client