Cameron County Second Offense DUI Dismissed

May 19, 2014By Brian Manchester

Our client was charged with a second offense DUI in Cameron County. Over the past two years Brian Manchester has exposed the blood test that is done for alcohol in that county does not conform to the law. The law requires that when a less than whole blood sample is tested (plasma or serum) the test results must be converted down to a whole blood equivalent. Brian Manchester exposed this problem in two prior trials in Cameron County. The hospital reports the blood alcohol content as a whole blood test result. So a typical lawyer will just look at the test result and tell his client that he is over the limit and then get the client to plead guilty. Well Mr. Manchester is very familiar with hospital blood tests so he requested the blood testing procedures from this hospital and they showed t...

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Bradford County DUI Appeal Victory

May 19, 2014By Brian Manchester

Defendant was charged last year with a second offense DUI. His BAC was alleged to be .147. Defendant was informed that the blood test results were not reported correctly. In fact they were reported as whole blood test results. After obtaining the hospital’s blood testing and sample preparation procedures in another case last year, Brian Manchester pointed out to our client that the hospital is still reporting the results incorrectly. Defendant faced several DUI charges. At trial Defendant was found not guilty of driving while impaired but guilty of having a BAC of greater than .1. Defendant was sentenced to 30 days to 6 months in jail but was given bail pending appeal. We appealed his case and a few weeks ago the Superior Court overturned his conviction on the blood charges resulting ...

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DUI Defense Law Blog

April 14, 2014By Brian Manchester

Manchester & Associates – Aggressive Criminal Attorneys The criminal defense law firm of Manchester & Associates defends criminal cases throughout the State of Pennsylvania. At Manchester and Associates, we understand when people find themselves accused or charged with a crime, they have numerous questions about the PA judicial system. We also understand how people can feel stressed or anxious and even depressed when criminal legal situations occur. Commitment | Quick Response | Knowledge Why do our clients choose us? For our Commitment, Quick Response, and Knowledge. The experienced PA criminal lawyers at Manchester and Associates are committed to vigorously defending you. We will respond quickly to answer your initial questions and will continue to keep you inform...

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  • "Brian is an excellent lawyer. He was able to have my 3rd offense DWI reduced to a 1st offense. I was facing up to 6 months in jail and he was able to negotiate 5 days. I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a..."
  • "My husband died in a car accident. DUI was assumed from the very beginning . With Attorney Manchester's expertise in the DUI field and BAC testing, he was able to help prove to the insurance company that my husband..."
  • "I hired Manchester and Associates to represent me on my second DUI arrest. Mr. Manchester's associate Greg Davidson attended the preliminary hearing and pointed out to the DA that the stop was illegal. The DA withdrew..."
  • "I ran into a great deal of trouble up in Huntingdon County. He helped me get a plea bargain that avoided my having to register as a sex offender and I am additionally able to keep my job while avoiding a jail sentence. He..."
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