Lawyer Endorsements

“I retained Attorney Manchester to assist me in developing defenses in an aggravated assault by motor vehicle case I was handling in Centre County, Pennsylvania. Brian has advanced legal training in areas of DUI defense with a special emphasis on Chemical Testing Issues and, having seen him in court arguing these issues, I decided to bring him on board. His assistance proved vital in negotiating a resolution very favorable to our client. Moreover, Brian has the passion for his subject matter that often makes the difference and his dedication to understanding the recent developments in this area of the law makes him our local “go to guy”.”

Philip Masorti, DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. I was referred to Brian by another well known DWI attorney in Texas as someone who had great understanding of the issue inherent in a DWI hospital blood draw case and as someone who could assist me with my understanding of the complicated issues in my case. When I reached out to Brian he quickly responded to me and provided an incredible assistance to me. He demonstrated a very impressive knowledge of the issues an attorney could expect to deal with when handling a DWI hospital blood draw case. He also provided me with references and materials to help me prepare that I would of had a hard time finding anywhere else. If Brian works half as hard for his clients as he did for me, they are well served. I am certain if you are in need of a DWI attorney in or near Bellefonte, PA., Brain Manchester will serve you well.”

Stephen Handy DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Brian is very knowledgeable in DUI Defense and is helpful to other attorneys that may have questions. He pays even more attention to this clients by offering his expertise and experience. If you ever need representation, you should call Brian Manchester.”

Karen Phillips DUI & DWI Attorney

“Brian is on of the very few attorneys with the scientific knowledge to represent a person accused of DUI/DWI or drug possession. For either charge it is very important to have an attorney fighting for you who understands the scientific”

Josh Lee Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Manchester is one of the preeminent OWI/DUI lawyers in PA. If you are arrested for such a charge and you are serious about defending yourself, then call Brian. He knows of what he speaks. If he cannot win your case, no one can. His wealth of skill and knowledge is superb.”

Michael Cohen DUI & DWI Attorney

“Brian and I recently attended a Forensic Gas Chromatography course together in Chicago. This is the process used to test for alcohol in one’s blood. We were the ninth class of attorneys in the nation to attend this course. I was very impressed with Brian’s commitment and knowledge in this area before we started the class. Brian and I were lab partners and he was very in tune with the procedures. Anyone looking for a DUI attorney in Pennsylvania should contact Brian and consult with him. I know I would after spending some time with him in this area.”

Benjamin Green DUI & DWI Attorney

“Brian is a lawyer that is on the cutting edge of DUI/DWI defense. He refuses to accept generic blood test results. He understands the science and theory behind the testing, a skill few attorneys have. I have attended numerous blood testing seminars with him, most recently the Forensic Chromatography Blood Testing Seminar. He is a good person and a great attorney. I highly recommend Brian!”

Nathan Dineen DUI & DWI Attorney

“Attorney Manchester is a talented, dedicated DUI defense attorney. He devotes a great deal of time educating himself on the science surrounding DUI defense and how to use it for his client’s benefit. I have no reservations recommending Attorney Manchester.”

Beth Tibbott DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Brian works hard and s an active member of the National College for DUI Defense. Brian is a lawyer who you can count on to help you put your best foot forward and have your best day in court … which is critical because you only get one chance in a court case.”

Michael Nichols DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Brian Manchester knows his science. Too many attorneys these days advertise that they can handle your DUI case. But they can’t. Why? Because almost all DUI cases require a scientific defense. Look at Brian Manchester’s awards and training in his profile. HE knows the science. And that’s what you HAVE to have if you are charged with a DUI. He is the real deal.”

Mary Prevost DUI & DWI Attorney

“Brian is one the most knowledgeable and experienced DUI lawyers in Pennsylvania. He has tremendous ability and understanding of how to defend DUI prosecutions involving blood testing. I recommend Brian Manchester for any one with a DUI case in central Pennsylvania.”

Kevin Leckerman DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse Brian. He is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer and a true warrior for justice.”

Alexandra Gonzalez-Waddington DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse Brian. He is a highly skilled and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. He has the trial experience and confidence that allows him to take difficult cases to trial and win.”

Michael Waddington Criminal Defense Attorney

“Brian Manchester is an experienced DUI defense attorney who has traveled across the country in an effort to learn the latest scientific techniques to use in defending citizens charged with DUI. His meticulous and thorough preparation enables him to get results for his clients. I highly recommend Brian to anyone charged with a DUI offense.”

Michael Sherman DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Brian and I attended the American Chemical Society’s Forensic Gas Chromatography Course held at Axiom Labs in Chicago. We were among the first twenty lawyers in the country to take this course. DWI Law is not taught in Law School. A lawyer must take it upon himself to master the skills necessary to defend these cases. Brian’s credentials speak for themselves. He is well qualified to defend DWI blood test cases, which are among the most difficult DWI cases to defend.”

James Butler DUI & DWI Attorney

“A lot of criminal defense is creativity and coming up with defenses to the things the prosecutor throws at you. Brian Manchester is the real deal and if there is a defense for any case, he has it.”

Okorie Okorocha Criminal Defense Attorney

“Brian Manchester is a knowledgeable, dedicated attorney, with the skill and ability to successfully defend citizens who are accused of driving under the influence. I highly recommend Brian.”

Michael Simms DUI & DWI Attorney

“Attorney Manchester is well-known for his strong work ethic. He is the type of attorney that you would like to have involved in your case. Known as a person who stands up for principle, Attorney Manchester has the guts that is needed (but sadly is missing in a lot of criminal defense attorneys) to defend the citizen accused. He is certainly not afraid to defend people who have been accused by the government of being in violation of the law. His favorite two words seems to be “Prove it!””

Justin McShane Criminal Defense Attorney

“I am both surprised and proud to be one of the first lawyers to highly recommend Brian as a criminal defense and DUI lawyer. Brian’s knowledge of criminal defense, and especially in the area of DUI, is unmatched. Not only does Brian possess a great working knowledge of the law, he has also dedicated himself to the underlying science necessary to successfully defend DUI and criminal cases involving blood test results. Brian is committed to excellence and receives my recommendation without reservation to those looking for a knowledgable and committed criminal defense or DUI attorney.”

Marcos Garza DUI & DWI Attorney

“I endorse this lawyer. Mr. Manchester is well versed with the evidential pitfalls of hospital blood testing. With this knowledge, he has been able to effectively represent those accused of alcohol related offenses. Recently, Mr. Manchester has provided me with assistance on a complex blood analysis case.”

Lazar Pejic DUI & DWI Attorney

“Mr. Manchester is the lawyer I would hire if accused of DWI. He is concerned for his clients and aggressively defends their cases. He has completed the most rigorous training to be one of the best DWI lawyers in the State. His determination and knowledge will serve you well when he is your attorney.”

Kelly Case DUI & DWI Attorney